What do visitors want out of exhibitions during and post COVID-19?

The world is currently at our fingertips with the most prestigious museums and galleries available digitally. With such a range of content available, what would BSA Space gallery visitors most like to see? How can the expertise of the brilliant minds we have access to be put to the best use?

I wonder if the public at large would be most interested in seeing/watching our 3D printers producing face shields or some kind of protective gear right away, followed by whatever needs might arise? On a more heady note, perhaps we could offer access (video, audio, photography) to how cities heal/respond to epidemics/pandemics, how urban designers have been and are responding, and how the architecture, engineering, and construction industry has helped with health-care facilities. It would requite a lot of research, outreach, and negotiation, but it might be worth it. Stick with what we know.