Univiersity without Walls Looking for Guests for Professional Panel

I am teaching an Intro into Architecture course at Mt. Ida Campus in collaboration with Digital Ready and UMass Amherst. Our students come from the lowest performing schools in the Boston area - and this program is a preparation for a succeeding in college or getting skills to get hired in the STEM fields without a college degree.

On October 14th at 4:30PM we are conducting a Professional Guest Panel, where architects and designers will speak about their experiences and carees. As all of our students are students of color or latino, we would very much like to assemble a panel that is not only white and male. (Full disclosure, I am an immigrant, but also white and male.)

So, if you feel inspired to inspire future architects, engineers with your experience, please let me know. I would very much like to my students to get some insights from professionals with whom they can identify.


October 10th
UMass Amherst Mt. Ida Campus Newton
4:30 - 6:00 PM


The first topic on your list is the name of our small international network and about the same day in March 2022 I have a lecture in Barcelona, Spain. Later in March or April I could have (preferably) a double lecture at your place jointly with one of my younger colleagues Dr. Karl Tse (a Canadian from Hong Kong). He might be a good candidate for a longer collaboration in this area expanding on energy modelling (so you will have two immigrants one from EU and the second from Asia).



RSVP using normal email mark.bomberg@gmail.com

Will this be virtual or in-person? I can forward to my co-workers who have done a few presentations to local schools.

Hi Mark,

this class is only in the fall. Thanks for your interest though!


It will be in person. Thanks for being interested. Let me know if anyone in your firm can join us.