The Cities We Need

With the passing of Michael Sorkin in March, I have reread many of his books and articles, reminding me of the strength that density and diversity bring to urban areas. Potential collateral damage of this virus will not only be the perception that cities are unhealthful, but the under-funding of critical social infrastructure.
The Cities We Need (NYT)
While we may not all live in the city, most of us make our livings off Boston’s economic engine. Worth thinking ahead toward defending resources and opportunities that cities continue to offer.

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Thank you for sharing this, Katie. I re-read / listened to the article again and found it so relevant to the current unraveling of systematic inequity in cities. I found the points on affordable housing policies and education especially relevant. The article also made me question how we, as designers, can help visualize and track the data on education, life expectancy, income, etc as a tool to highlight and make transparent such issues. I also question how we can analyze neighborhoods to highlight what is provided vs missing, make comparisons between neighborhoods so we can offer other concrete solutions - almost like a catalog. I also question what the perception of these neighborhoods is from within and how we can give voice to others.