Equity in Design

This line from the AIA Code of Ethics has always resonated with me as it is our professional obligation to uphold human rights through our work - “Human Rights: Members should uphold human rights in all their professional endeavors.” As we are all listening, learning, reflecting, questioning, brainstorming, and setting new actionable items re equity and just design, I always ask “Who is missing from the discussion / table / room / school / space? Why?” I believe design thinking can be applicable not only in the physical context, but also in the way we formulate systems and policies.

Over the last few weeks, Sean Canty filled a gap by creating a wonderful platform of powerful and talented designers. It is important to keep growing such networks: https://www.curbed.com/2020/6/22/21295944/black-designers-instagram-sean-canty

What are the barriers that we see facing equity in our profession?

The need for more diversity into architecture schools is an issue.