Envirionmnetal Quality Management (EQM) technology

My name is mark bomberg and I was a friend and collaborator of Wagdy Anis. I live in Ottawa, ON and work in EU and NY. (Clarkson University and small mfg company in CNY). This year (July to October) I will have keynote lectures at international conferences: (a) Summer camp Westford and in the EU: (b) Barcelona, © Cologne, (d) Lisbon (last year it was Beijing and Paris).
I can hold 45 min to 1 hour presentation for BSA during the Sept 23 Wagdy symposium or in a separate event for the BSA The EQM in the next generation technology for NEW AND RETROFITTED BUILDINGS. At the moment DOE reviews this technology in the area of retrofitting. To be able to provide resources to BSA I have just now joined BSA.
mark bomberg,
global professor of building science