Conversations with Students

During a call with the BSA Covid-19 task force we discussed connecting current design students with architects to provide insights into professional practice today with an eye toward practice in the future. The initial reaction from the leadership of several local design schools was that students would much prefer to connect and interact with Emerging Professionals. While it might seem understandable that they would want to connect with someone they perceive to have more “common ground”, upon further consideration I thought how that sentiment is probably shortsighted. As a student pursuing a career in design, would I not want to talk to leaders in the field, decision makers that are driving the shape of practice today, people who have many years of experience building relationships with clients, civic leaders and community leaders? Do you agree? Am I missing something?
Perhaps they feel as though the “current way of doing things” is something that they are not interested in or want to change.

I agree that it will be very beneficial to students to speak with leaders directly. I believe that was the original intent of the program, but got altered to connect with EPs first. Perhaps it could be a second phase of the coffee with architect series?

Yes, I agree it could be a meaningful second phase. I see a number of young architects and designers who have attained a very good design education but could still benefit from a greater understanding of the role of the client in the design process.