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Questions and suggestions about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

I had a good time here today. Thanks for the fun interlude. And, it will be great to see what chatter is out in our universe as we open this platform up to members. Thematic and hot topics will surely rise to the top.

A general question: who/ how will we monitor this? What kind of reporting capabilities does it have, and what are the metrics most important to us? Is there any thought about monetizing this program? And should we “police” those who try to do so by advertising their products/ services? Will we put some “rules” language in place, and how will we “enforce” those rules?

  • 20 character limit – mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, no need to subject everyone to non-replies like “thanks”. On the other hand, some questions/ topics will surely just be yes or no questions. It is almost like the platform forces wordiness unnecessarily.
  • 15 character topic title minimum also seems a bit arbitrary.
  • Got a weird message about replying “too fast; please wait 4 seconds before typing”. Weird, no?
  • This is because I suck – but is there some way to set some reminder to spellcheck before posting. Sometimes I type fast and have a word called out as misspelled, but I have already hit enter, posted and moved on.
  • I figured out how to unpin topics, but can’t easily figure out how to pin them.
  • Can I set notifications to receive an email when someone replies to a topic? I received a pop up note when Paige replied to a topic I posted, but that was because I was logged into my discourse account.
  • Are we – organizationally, not individually – able to see who views topics and conversations, not only who replies to them?
  • Polly and I experimented with direct messaging. I was able to access Polly’s response to my message because I had a notification near my “avatar” (first letter of my name). Otherwise, not sure I would have seen it. Wondering if there is an easier way to find all notifications related to messaging, posts I have signed up to receive notifications about, and ones I have originated…

Will keep playing around.

I’m just now starting to explore this. I have to say that I’m a little bit lost. I’m trying to imagine how this might be used by the BSA Knowledge Communities. Thoughts? Suggestions?